New Survey on CBDs Reveals Surprising Data

HelloMD and the Brightfield Group just published the largest-ever study on cannabidiol and it reveals, among other fascinating data, that 59% of CBD users are women. The survey of 2,400 cannabis users also found that the most common reasons people use CBDs are anxiety, insomnia, depression, and joint pain. The most commonly used method of CBD consumption was vaping, followed by flower, topicals, tinctures, and edibles.

Perhaps the most interesting fact gleaned from the study is one that will worry Big Pharma: 42% of those surveyed reported that they’ve stopped using traditional medications like Tylenol and Vicodin and use CBDs instead. A whopping 66% said that CBDs are either “more effective” or “much more effective” than over-the-counter medications. Less than 3% found CBDs to be “ineffectual or only slightly effective.”

The Green Solution® appreciates the efficacy of CBD and that’s why we offer a variety of products that have a high CBD to THC ratio for people who want the pain relief without the psychoactive effects.

If you, like the majority of those surveyed, would prefer to use a vape pen as their CBD delivery system, we recommend the NectarBee oil cartridge paired with the NB vape pen. If flower is more to your liking, we’re proud to offer Rubicon, a fruity, high-CBD, Indica-dominant strain. Have joint or muscle pain? We suggest our line of topicals, available in three lines: Heal, Soothe, and Rejuve. Our NectarBee CBD tincture is easy to consume (just place a dropperful under your tongue or add it to your favorite beverage), as is our delicious and refreshing CBD Ginger Ale.

Stop by The Green Solution and ask your friendly Retail Associate for help in choosing the most effective and enjoyable way for you to try CBDs.