New Survey on Women and Cannabis

The relationship between women and cannabis is a topic of growing interest for many researchers, journalists, and filmmakers. We’ve written about the subject here, as well as focused on Mary Janes: The Women of Weed, a documentary about the success of women in the cannabis industry. Now that relationship is the subject of a study sponsored by Van der Pop, a company that “curates and creates cannabis experiences for the modern woman.”

The study was conducted in September of this year and surveyed 1,530 women in the United States and Canada about their attitudes on cannabis. Among the findings was the fact that 70% of the women believe that cannabis has a negative stigma, and that’s why 66% claim to hide their usage at least occasionally. Among mothers with children at home, 42% hide their consumption because they don’t want their kids to know about it.

Women are also more likely to cite medical reasons (rather than a desire to get high) for their consumption of/interest in cannabis. 74% of women surveyed say pain relief is their primary interest in cannabis, and 64% say they’re looking for something to aid in their anxiety.

Given that women are most interested in the medical uses of cannabis, it’s not surprising that 82% stated that when visiting a dispensary, it’s important to have knowledgeable staff available to answer their questions.

At The Green Solution®, we strive to combat the negative stigma that sometimes follows cannabis, and we make sure our Retail Associates are well-trained and ready to answer your questions. We welcome those who are curious about the ways cannabis can improve their lives, even if they’ve never tried it before.