Nipton: Not Just for Fallout Anymore

“Nipton was a wicked place, debased and corrupt. It served all comers, as long as they paid.”
– Vulpes Inculta
Fallout: New Vegas

If you’re a fan of Fallout: New Vegas, you’re already familiar with Nipton, California. Fallout Wiki describes Nipton as “a small town of the southern Mojave Wasteland ravaged by Caesar’s Legion in 2281.” But did you know that Nipton is a real town on the California and Nevada border? The tiny desert town is home to just 20 people, and it’s situated three hours from Los Angeles and one hour from Las Vegas. Its major source of revenue is the sale of California Lottery Tickets, mostly to Nevadans.

So why is a cannabis blog talking about Nipton? Because the entire town (all 100 acres) was just bought by a cannabis company for around $5 million. That includes the town’s Old West-style hotel, a few houses, an RV park, and a coffee shop. Arizona-based American Green, Inc. purchased the town and plans to transform it into “an energy-independent, cannabis-friendly hospitality destination.” The company plans to spend another $2.5 million over the next year and a half turning the town into a cannabis haven.

American Green also plans to expand the solar farm that already provides much of the town’s electricity, with an end goal of removing Nipton entirely from the grid. Other plans include bottling and selling cannabis-infused water from the town’s aquifer.

“The Gold Rush built this city,” American Green representative Stephen Shearin said, referring to Nipton’s origins as a mining town. “The Green Rush can keep it moving the way people envisioned it years ago.”

Now you can impress your Fallout-loving friends with your knowledge of the real-life Nipton and its green future.