Organigram, a licensed medical marijuana producer based in Moncton, New Brunswick, and TGS International are excited to announce an exclusive partnership. Our industry-leading practices and library of enterprise intellectual property have now resonated past domestic borders, and Organigram has enthusiastically responded by making us their exclusive product licensor and commercial scale extraction facility consultant.

Co-Chief Executive Officer Eric Speidell said, “TGS is very excited to enter the Canadian market and to partner with one of the industry’s leading licensed producers.”

The rest of TGS’s family of 500 associates only stands to benefit from this collaboration between industry powerhouses from two different respective countries. This international venture is part of a first wave in cannabis’s legitimization and enterprise expansion, and both organizations are excited not only to make history, but to revise the marijuana narrative in a culturally and economically progressive way.

“Over the past six years, we have proactively invested significant resources into the standardization, quality, and reliability of our processes and products,” Speidell said. “We are very proud of the success we have achieved to date in Colorado.”

In the wake of one the U.S.’s worst recessions, Speidell brothers Eric and Kyle recognized the equal amounts of risk in any venture at the time, including medical marijuana. True to the entrepreneurial spirit, they wagered on social progress, joined grass roots legalization efforts, and are now reaping the rewards, together with the rest of the 500-person staff, as an industry-leading recreational and medical producer.

“Our brands and leadership have been recognized across the United States, with TGS franchises already established in multiple states,” said Eric Speidell.

Considering that we operate the largest medical marijuana facilities in metro east Illinois (set to open autumn 2016) and Florida (where TGS National obtained one of only 6 state licenses), medical marijuana franchises developing in Maryland and Oregon, and 11 proprietary Colorado retail locations (in addition to 3 more in development), it comes as no surprise that the waves we’ve made reached our northern neighbors.

Speidell concludes, “With this transaction, we are eager to embark on our international expansion with OrganiGram.” Indeed, all divisions of the TGS family are excited to experience the results of this promising partnership.


Are you anticipating medical or recreational legalization in your state and interested in taking part of this once-in-a-lifetime national movement? Join us in revolutionizing how people experience cannabis. Reach out to support@tgscolorado.com to learn more about franchising opportunities outside of Colorado.