Perseid Meteor Shower This Weekend

You’ve probably heard of the upcoming Great American Solar Eclipse (August 21st) and the mad scramble for eclipse chasers to put themselves in its path. But have you heard of the Perseids meteor shower coming up this weekend? It’s an annual occurrence, and scientists predict this one will be one of the best shooting star displays of the year.
Interestingly, the Perseids meteor shower has a special Colorado connection. John Denver’s classic song “Rocky Mountain High” mentions it in the line “I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky.” The song, now one of two official state songs of Colorado, was briefly banned from radio stations in the 80s because it was deemed to promote drug abuse. That led Denver to testify before Congress in 1985 in defense of his song:
“This (the song’s censorship) was obviously done by people who had never seen or been to the Rocky Mountains, and also had never experienced the elation, celebration of life, or the joy in living that one feels when he observes something as wondrous as the Perseid meteor shower on a moonless, cloudless night, when there are so many stars that you have a shadow from the starlight, and you are out camping with your friends, your best friends, and introducing them to one of nature’s most spectacular light shows for the first time.”
The Perseid meteor shower will be at its most visible on the evening of August 12th into the early morning hours on August 13th when there will 80 – 100 meteors (or “falling stars”) per hour. We recommend grabbing a couple of NectarBee® edibles from The Green Solution® before you head out for nature’s biggest show of the weekend.