Puff, Puff, Lend

With the rapid spread of legalization across the country, it makes sense that public libraries are stocking up on books and multimedia materials related to cannabis. And as ground zero for legalization, Colorado’s libraries are leading the movement.

Anythink Libraries (a consortium of Adams County Public Libraries) recently hosted a panel on Careers in Cannabis, and they’re focused on growing their collection of cannabis-related material to keep up with the needs of their patrons. Anythink’s collection buyers, Jennifer Handzlik and Aaron Bock, have become experts in the field, and they’re teaching colleagues everything from which books to buy for their own library’s shelves, to how to instruct patrons on book and bud pairings and how to roll a joint (using oregano as an example, of course).

Handzlik believes that enjoying a joint and a book is no different than drinking a glass of wine while reading. “We called it ‘puff, puff, lend,’” she told a Westword reporter. “But really, one of our most important responsibilities as librarians is giving out reliable information.”

While The Green Solution® is fully in favor of utilizing your local library for books to pair with your bud, we’d like to remind you that we have a nice selection of cannabis books ourselves. For example, we have not one, not two, but three coloring books to help you express your creativity while enjoying TGS flower. We also offer a few books on growing to inspire your green thumb, and a spectacular cannabis cookbook to enhance your kitchen wizardry.

You know what they say, “Take a look, it’s in a book!”