Are you seeking the pinnacle of palatable perfection? Well look no further because NectarBee offers a great solution. As we all know, when it comes to concentrates, the quest for flavor is unrelenting. NectarBee strives to provide cannabis enthusiasts with a wide array of Pure Live Batter flavors to keep everyone coming back for more.

Chalk-full of terpenes and loaded with aroma, our Pure Live Batter is sure to please any consumer. Crafted in-house by our team of extract artists, NectarBee Pure Live Batter exemplifies the meaning of consistency and reliability.

By using starting material grown by The Green Solution’s very own cultivation experts, we can assure connoisseur quality product from seed to sale. As the only company with complete vertical integration, patrons can rest easy knowing where their products come from.

Pure Live Batter is produced in NectarBee’s very own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with high-tech extraction equipment. Using what is known as a “closed-loop” system, meaning there is no open exposure of chemical solvent, our team of extract artists run solvent over fresh-frozen whole plant material. Because we start with fresh-frozen material, the flavor and terpene structure maintains closely parallel to the qualities of the live plant.

This is why it is called Pure Live Batter, because of the mimicking flavor and aroma to that of the living plant. With Pure Live Batter, flavor is unrivaled compared to other forms of concentrate ran with dried starting material.

From concentrate connoisseurs to inexperienced dabbers, Pure Live Batter gives everyone the opportunity to truly taste and experience their favorite strains in a highly concentrated and effective form! Stop into any The Green Solution location to find the full collection of NectarBee Pure Live Batter – Be sure to stop by often because strain selection varies frequently!

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