Riot Fest is Illmatic: Nas Joins the Misfits on Day 3 of Riot Fest on September 4th

Visionary MC, fashionista, and record producer Nas joins Riot Fest’s eclectic lineup on September 4th in Denver, Colorado, two years after the release of Nas: Time is Illmatic, a documentary starring other prolific music industry names like Pharrell Williams and Alicia Keys. Additionally, featuring interviews with producers of Nas’s debut album Illmatic (Large Professor, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, L.E.S, and DJ Premier), the documentary explores Nas’s creative background and process, providing a “thrilling account of Nas’s evolution from a young street poet to a visionary MC.”

The son of jazz musician Olu Dara, Nas’s first taste of musical success came over two decades ago when Main Source, a New York-based hip hop group featured him on the track, “Live at the Barbecue,” in their release, Breaking Atoms (Wild Pitch Records, 1991), whose “sophisticated storytelling” earned it a spot on The Source’s “Top 100 Rap Albums of All Time.” Nas followed this up with his debut release, Illmatic (Columbia 2004) and the sophomore effort, It Was Written (Columbia, 1996), which skyrocketed to the top of the Billboard charts for four straight weeks and gained Platinum status within two months.

In keeping with Riot Fest’s eclectic lineup and Nas’s influential legacy, he’s joined as headliner by the original Misfits lineup featuring Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and Dover Wolfgang von Frankenstein, in addition to 2chainz and other stalwart names like Bad Religion.

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