Safe Consumption with NectarBee®

It’s a marathon, not a race



Ever since prohibition ended in Colorado, edibles couldn’t catch a break from the media. There were many inexperienced individuals taking one too many cookies. Fast forward four years later, Colorado is much more informed about the recommended milligram dosage based on your tolerance. But, once you try a NectarBee Stout Cake, it’s going to be tough not to eat the whole pack because it’s so delicious.


It’s all about taking it slow when it comes to edibles.  Think of it like running a marathon. You want to pace yourself so you can make it to the finish. If you start with 40mg, then you will most likely be napping within an hour. You don’t want to do that! You want to enjoy the effects of edibles. So, rule number one, stagger your dosing. Edibles are much more enjoyable if you take 10mg now and then wait and hour and a half to take another. You will make it to the finish, aka your bed when you are ready to wind down from the day.

Another thing about edibles is that they taste REALLY good. Try a NecterBee Key Lime Truffle and try to tell me that you won’t want to eat ten more. So, rule number two: edibles are NOT for bodily nourishment. If you are hungry, please eat some food. And, if you are eating before you eat some edibles, try to eat fatty foods. The onset of the effects will come on much earlier and it will be longer lasting. Remember, THC loves fat cells. When you eat THC, the effects last much longer because there is more fat in your stomach than your lungs. THC is fat soluble. Always good to know.

All right, we are almost there. This is the home stretch. My last rule for eating NectarBee edibles is to find a VERY comfortable couch and a great movie on Netflix. Planet Earth is always a good choice. You don’t have to pay attention to it and the imagery is great. So, that’s that. It’s pretty easy. Don’t overthink it. Just remember to stop by any TGS location and try our wide assortment of NectarBee infused gummies, lozenges, drinks, chocolates, and more!