Sales and Deals!

Happy Monday, Readers. Today we have three things to tell you about, and they all have the possibility of improving your life.

1. Remember Marvin the Martian? The Green Solution has a great new product that will have you saying, “take me to your leader” as you gleefully employ it.
It’s called The Martian Joint Bubbler, and for Loyalty Card holders it’s on sale through Wednesday, August 16th for just $20 with the purchase of any of our Pre-Rolls. But what does this cute little guy do?
It’s a sleek, glass water filtration device to use with a joint or blunt. It has a low-profile design that holds a very small amount of liquid, preventing most spills and splash-ups. The Martian Joint Bubbler touts a built-in carb hole and tapered opening to accommodate joints and blunts of all sizes. Finally, the smooth inhale of a bubbler for the joint and blunt smokers of the world!

2. Do you have skin? You do? Then do I have a deal for you. Today through Wednesday, August 16th, Loyalty Card holders can buy any two NectarBee Topicals for 20% off. Our topicals come in three varieties: Soothe (think indica), Rejuve (think sativa) and Heal (specially created for body aches and nerve pain).
From lip balm to bath fizzies, there’s a NectarBee topical (or two!) for everyone. Take advantage of this fantastic offer by Wednesday.

3. Do you enjoy watching videos? If you do, you should subscribe to The Green Solution’s YouTube channel. It features interviews, looks behind the scenes, and videos about our great products. You’ll always be up to date with what’s happening at TGS if you subscribe!

Now that we’ve given you some ideas for life improvement, it’s time to get moving. Make those online reservations and watch things change for the better.