Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid…What Does it all Mean?

Image credit: Amy Phung/Leafly

There’s so much to know about cannabis, and at The Green Solution, we’re dedicated to educating patrons, whether they’re long-time users or brand-new consumers, or anywhere in between.

One question we hear often is straight-forward: “What’s the difference between sativa, indica, and hybrid?” The answer is a bit more complex than the question may imply.

The traditional answer is that sativa provides a more uplifting, cerebral effect, making it suitable for daytime/creative/social activities, whereas indica provides a more relaxing, full body high that’s great for getting some sleep. Indica = “in da couch” is the general phrase to remember. Hybrid is, well, a mix of the two.

The reality is a little more complicated than that. To get a deeper understanding, it’s helpful to know where each variety originated. Cannabis sativa is native to equatorial regions that are warm and have a long growing season. It’s a tall, slender plant with narrow leaves. Conversely, Cannabis indica is found in colder, mountainous climates that have short growing seasons. As a result, indica is a shorter, denser plant with broad leaves. To protect itself against the climate, indica evolved a thick coating of resin (where the cannabinoids and terpenes live), giving it a reputation of being more powerful than sativa.

Most strains on the market today are not pure sativas or pure indicas – rather they’re hybrids that are either sativa or indica- dominant (or straight, balanced hybrids). So, while it’s important to have a grasp on the triad of sativa/indica/hybrid, there are other factors (like the aforementioned cannabinoids and terpenes) that go into choosing the perfect strain for you. We’ll cover those topics in the next two weeks.

For now, just know that The Green Solution always has strains available in each category (sativa, indica, and hybrid), along with detailed information about their cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Beyond the lab-tested product itself, we have expert Retail Associates to help you choose exactly the right product for you. And if it’s not quite right, no worries. We’re one of the few dispensaries in the industry to offer a 30-day exchange policy.

TLDR? No problem.

  • Sativa = cerebral, uplifting effect
  • Indica = relaxation (in da couch)
  • Hybrid = a mix of the two
  • The Green Solution always has a variety of each, and our friendly Retail Associates are trained to help you make the best choice for the experience you’re seeking. Check out our incredible variety of flower online, then come into any of our convenient locations for more information or to purchase the strain that strikes your fancy.

We look forward to seeing you soon!