Spring Bundles are Here

Hippity hoppity, the Cannabis Bunny is on his way with some spectacular treats for your basket! The Green Solution® is offering two marvelous Spring Bundles to make your season a little greener (sale prices good until May 21st).

The first is our Convenience Pack, which contains four must-have items at incredible discounts. You can snag this sweet deal at any of our locations for $42.00. This bundle has everything you need to be the life of the party. The Convenience Pack includes:

I’ll spare you the math. If you bought those items separately, they’d cost you $63.80. But buy them as a bundle and you’ll save 34%, or $21.80. That’s a beautiful price for a bountiful bundle!

Our second bundle is the Concentrates Dab/Vape Pack offered for the amazing price of $99.00. It has everything you need to begin sampling our award-winning concentrates. This bundle includes:

Separately, these items would cost $133.35. Purchase them as a bundle, and save 26%, or $34.35. Truly a delightful deal!

So, make like a bunny and hop into one of our 12 convenient locations to take advantage of our splendid bundles. They’re bound to put a spring in your step.