Summer Celebration of Pre-Rolls!

Summer is a time of celebration – picnics, weddings, cookouts, and fireworks are all reasons to gather with friends and family for good times in the sunshine. Taking inspiration from the season’s celebratory mood, The Green Solution® has declared this summer the Summer of Pre-Rolls. Perfect for sharing, our Pre-Rolls will make any celebration more fun.

Strain-specific and hand-rolled, our Pre-Rolls selection offers a dozen varieties from which to choose. To get you ready for your shopping trip to TGS, here’s a little primer on our Pre-Rolls.

Incognitos: Identical in looks to a cigarette, our Incognitos come in Filtered and Mint Filtered, and are offered as singles or in 10 packs. Each Incognito contains .7 grams of flower.

  • Ultra Slim Cones: At half a gram each, these elegant Pre-Rolls are perfect to enjoy alone or to share. Sold singly or in a 10 pack.

Regular Cone: Our most popular Pre-Roll contains .95 grams of flower. Grab a single or a 5 pack.

Super Cone: This big guy contains 2.5 grams of flower, and is sure to make you the hit of any party.

Palm Blunt: Wrapped in a real palm leaf with an all-natural corn husk, our Palm Blunt contains .95 grams of flower.

Tulip: A lovely, flower-shaped Pre-Roll for gifting or sharing. Features a 2.5 gram bulb of fine TGS cannabis.

24k Gold Cone: When you want a head-turning Pre-Roll, look no further than the 24k Gold Cone. Contains .95 grams of flower rolled in 24k gold paper.

Caviar Cone: 2 grams of Pure Caviar in portable form.

Pre-Bowl Regular: A glass pipe pre-filled with .3 grams of flower.

24k Gold Caviar Cone: A truly spectacular cross between our 24k Gold Cone and our Caviar Cone.

Trifecta: A 2.5 gram cross joint to share with friends.

Celebration Cone: The Granddaddy of them all! This monster Pre-Roll is 13 inches long and contains a mighty 12.5 grams of flower. Truly made for celebrations!

And as a special treat, TGS is having a summer-long Celebration Cone Sweepstakes. 98 randomly chosen Loyalty Card holders will win a Celebration Cone for just $1. That’s an amazing prize, and if you’re a Loyalty Card holder, you’re already in the running to win.

Now you’re ready to head to TGS and make your summer even greater. Let the good times (pre) roll.