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  • Award winning Stout Cake by NectarBee®

    –Carlos Herbert Hernandez Listen. We have just solved a huge problem. No one knew how to improve chocolate, beer, and pretzels. The question was asked far and wide. Waists expanded as we kept sampling new ideas: replacing pretzel dough with pizza dough, switching out domestically brewed swill for premium micro brews, sitting at a bar […]

  • Safe Consumption with NectarBee®

      Ever since prohibition ended in Colorado, edibles couldn’t catch a break from the media. There were many inexperienced individuals taking one too many cookies. Fast forward four years later, Colorado is much more informed about the recommended milligram dosage based on your tolerance. But, once you try a NectarBee Stout Cake, it’s going to […]

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  • FDA Approves Gummy Amphetamine

    The Federal government has just approved a candy-flavored amphetamine-based medication which will be marketed to kids with ADHD, also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It will begin being sold in late 2016, despite the concern of those in healthcare community who worry that ‘candy flavored’ speed will lead to a substantial rise in abuse […]