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  • NectarBee® Key Lime Bar

    This delightful bite-sized treat is a spin off from our Key Lime Truffles. This bar comes in packages of 40mg (four pieces) and will send your tastes on vacation. Once you take a bite, you will experience a few seconds of sweetness but then it flip flops to a tart sensation that takes you right […]

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    The Difference Between NectarBee® Edibles and TGS Flower

    In the past five years since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, there has been controversy around edibles and eating the correct dosage. Soon after horror stories circulated the internet, Colorado then made changes to the compliance laws surrounding marijuana infused products. Since then, the stigma attached to edibles have faded away. Now, tourists and locals […]

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  • NectarBee® Sugar Drops

    NectarBee® just recently released four exciting new flavors in their Sugar Drop edible line which are Strawberries and Cream, Rainbow Sherbet, Cinnamon or Butterscotch. Each are long-lasting, 10mg lozenges and will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. These are perfect for those looking for a discreet, yet unique flavor profile in edible form. The […]

  • NectarBee® edibles packaging

    With being an innovative leader in this industry comes great responsibility and pressure. We must be responsible when we are showing second movers the way into innovation, and we feel pressure to be continually moving into the future. It’s not about doing one great thing. It’s about doing great things all the time. NectarBee follows […]

  • Safe Consumption with NectarBee®

      Ever since prohibition ended in Colorado, edibles couldn’t catch a break from the media. There were many inexperienced individuals taking one too many cookies. Fast forward four years later, Colorado is much more informed about the recommended milligram dosage based on your tolerance. But, once you try a NectarBee Stout Cake, it’s going to […]

  • Espresso Tincture by NectarBee

    By Jessica Mooney   Tea and Tinctures. Coffee and cannabis. OJ and MJ. Nectarbee has done it again! Like the rest of your cannabis experience, now we’ve revolutionized tinctures. Ever seen an espresso-flavored tincture anywhere else in your cannabis expeditions? We didn’t think so.   Wake-and-bakes will never be the same. Our berry- or honey-flavored […]

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    Honey Tincture by NectarBee®

    Similar fast-acting relief and dosage control to smoking without the effects of combustion and inhalation. NectarBee tinctures contain all the essential cannabinoids from the plant, extracted using an emulsion of ethanol hash oil. The best way to consume effectively is sublingually or under the tongue. Tinctures are designed to peak rapidly, drifting into a steady […]

  • NectarBee® Infused Soda Floats

    By Phil Samuelson   Sodas are a tasty treat during any time of year, even when the temperatures start to dip in the fall. For a refreshing alternative to other forms of cannabis consumption, a Nectar Bee root beer, cherry cola, ginger ale, or tropical lime soda cam really hit the spot while cuddled up […]

  • Legal Weed Could Pass In 9 States

    Support for marijuana legalization has hit an all-time high in the U.S., according to two recent national polls, raising the possibility that legal weed could pass in all nine states where it’s on the ballot in the Nov. 8 election. A Gallup poll released Wednesday found that public support for legal marijuana use has hit […]