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  • Episode 25 – TGS LIVE Stream

    Watch on YouTube or Facebook Larry's 12 Favorite Things In Episode 25 me and Wig’nz are going to hook up one lucky person streaming with all 12 of Larry’s Favorite Things from TGS Posted by Larry Ulibarri on Friday, November 25, 2016 Larry and Wig’nz are going through Larry’s favorite things from The Green Solution. […]

  • Episode 21 – TGS LIVE Stream

    Kathie J stops by The Green Solution Studio as Larry Ulibarri and Producer Wig’nz talk with Samantha from PotGuide.com. Larry and Wig’nz also talk about the NEW and 12th location of The Green Solution in Trinidad, Colorado. For more information visit MyGreenSolution.com They also watch some viral videos and talk about the new Call of […]

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  • Episode 16 – TGS LIVE Stream

    LIVE 9/30/2016 from The Green Solution Studio in Denver, Colorado. It’s Larry Ulibarri and Producer Wig’nz. This week they crank dial as Peyton Manning to John Elway. Special guest is Sam, from Whole Health Club. Larry Cranks John Elway Friday!Start your weekend with me and Wig’nz from TGS Studio in Denver. We’re kicking it off […]

  • Episode 15 – TGS LIVE Stream

    LIVE! Episode #15 from The Green Solution Studio on 9/23/2016 Larry and Wig’nz talk with Mr. Miyagi from The Green Solution. We talk about how cannabis and a healthy life style helped him fight liver cancer. Larry also have a stoner day dream session while smoking nectarbee hash. Bill Clinton Crank Dial from Episode 15 […]

  • Episode 5 – TGS LIVE Stream

    LIVE from The Green Solution Studio in Denver, Colorado its the Larry Uncensored Podcast. Call us and say whats up 303-728-3420 or if you want to listen to the 24/7 stream check out www.TheGreenSolution.Studio

  • Episode 3 – TGS LIVE Stream

    Did you miss episode 3 of our LIVE stream from The Green Solution Studio in Denver? Episode #003 features Americas Got Talent act, a teenage girl comedian who rips Donald Trump. Larry Ulibarri and Producer Wig’nz also talk about porn for the blind after a viral YouTube video was pasted on Larry’s Facebook page. Watch the full […]

  • Episode 1 – TGS LIVE Stream

    LIVE 6/3/16 LIVE from The Green Solution Studio in Denver, CO it’t the streaming of the Larry Uncensored Podcast. The Green Solution dispensary is the most awarded in Colorado and has partnered up with Larry Ulibarri and Wig’nz to bring you a LIVE stream every Friday at 4:20 For more information on the most awarded […]