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  • Congressman Who Champions Cannabis Running for Colorado Governor

    There’s a new candidate for governor in Colorado, and he’s all in for cannabis. Congressman Jared Polis (D) is well positioned to make a serious bid for the office. He’s been in Congress since 2008, and he’s currently the sixth wealthiest person in that body, with a net worth of $91 million. He’s also a […]

  • The Marijuana Justice Act of 2017

    There’s big news on the cannabis front at the federal level, and it could result in an end to prohibition. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker introduced the “Marijuana Justice Act of 2017” yesterday, and it seeks to “amend the Controlled Substances Act to provide for a new rule regarding the application of the Act to […]

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  • The Congressional Cannabis Caucus

    With certain members of the Trump administration gunning for the industry, it’s easy to get discouraged about the future of recreational – and even medical – cannabis. But advocates for ending prohibition can take some comfort in the fact that a handful of bipartisan lawmakers formed the Congressional Cannabis Caucus earlier this year with the […]

  • 7 Reasons Trump Is Unlikely to Fight Legal Marijuana

    Experts say that trying to undo legalization at this point would come with serious economic and political hurdles. Waging a war on pot would go against the will of many voters. “It would be a very blatant finger to the voters,” says the Drug Policy Alliance’s Amanda Reiman. Public opinion on marijuana is going in […]

  • Hillary Clinton blows chance to win over millennials with slow evolution on pot.

    Like gay marriage, climate change and a host of other issues before it, Hillary Clinton’s painfully slow evolution on marijuana legalization has again left the Democratic presidential nominee behind the curve in her own party — and her position represents a squandered opportunity to potentially win over millennials. Polls have shown that about two-thirds of Democratic […]