TGS National Primed for Florida’s Approval of Medical Marijuana

Florida voters just overwhelmingly approved amendment by 71%

Florida voters just overwhelmingly approved an amendment (by 71%) to its existing medical marijuana policy.

It’s been four years since Washington and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, and the zeitgeist is just over the horizon. Now, having anticipated the effects this would have outside of the Centennial State, TGS National is ramping up to launch a new dispensary and grow facility in Florida.


The latest ballot has made cultivating and operating licenses even more coveted and scarce by easing the formerly stringent list of qualifying medical conditions. Broadening it allows doctors to make the call on whether marijuana is appropriate for any patient. This measure also, most notably, allows terminally ill patients to consume high-euphoria marijuana. In other words, patients can consume marijuana high in THC to ease the mental and physical difficulties at the end of one’s life. Demand for these licenses has soared, making our possession of one of only six originally permitted licenses a valuable commodity in the Sunshine State. Now, Colorado’s favorite dispensary, The Green Solution, can take their signature retail approach to Florida, establishing best practices in yet another fledgling industry across the nation.

Florida may have yet to legalize recreational use, but that doesn’t mean their amended medical policy is anything to scoff at. On the contrary, cannabis industry infrastructure there allows for delivery services to immobile patients. Colorado policymakers could certainly take a cue from the typically conservative panhandle state’s allowance of innovations like these.

Congratulations, Florida voters. Because marijuana is largely a nonpartisan issue, we’re pretty sure congress will feel pressure to start rethinking this schedule 1 business, even if the White House is now covered in red.

By: Carlos Herbert Hernandez