TGS Sweeps the Dope Cup Awards

The Green Solution can’t stop winning! Last weekend at the DOPE Cup awards (hosted by Dope Magazine), we swept four categories. We couldn’t be prouder of our products and the people who bring them to you, our loyal patrons.

Best THC Shatter: Blueberry
The judges said, “The color purity was so pure it’s almost clear. The texture was perfect for this concentrate. The concentrate was extremely stable – it’s not going to change. As clean as can be expected…This is just incredible! Clear, stable, clean, proper. Enough said.”

Best Tincture: Berry
NectarBee tinctures are amazing, and now we have proof. Just put a dropperful under your tongue, or even stir it into your favorite beverage. Our tinctures come in a variety of flavors: berry, honey, espresso, and natural. I’d recommend this product to anyone who wants to experience cannabis without smoking or vaping. It’s a great alternative – or accompaniment – to a NectarBee infused edible. Try all the flavors, but start with Berry…it won first place, after all!

Best Nose (flower): Persephone
You may know Persephone as the Greek goddess of spring and queen of the underworld. Our Persephone is an indica-leaning hybrid with an exquisite nose. What does that mean? It’s a term borrowed from the world of wine and means its bouquet or aroma, and according to Wikipedia, it’s “the major determinate of perceived flavor in the mouth.” And our Persephone smells divine.
The judges said, “The bud structure was perfect. The bud color was outstanding. The trim was handled with care. The trichome density was extremely dense. The trichome health was very healthy. The trichome ripeness was excellent. The pungency was so strong it tickled my nose. The scent was super dank with a punch in the face. The smoothness was outstanding. The flavor was pleasant. The burnability was perfect and burned consistently.”

Best THC Distillate: The Green Solution
This incredible product isn’t even on the shelf yet, and it already won first prize. One judge said, “This blew me away. One of the best samples I was able to test in the cup.”
Stayed tuned for a Limited Time Offer on this spectacular Distillate coming up in the near future!

Best CBD Flower: RUNNER UP: Rubicon
A favorite of consumers who are looking for a strain high in CBDs, Rubicon is citrus-flavored and said to have great analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Thanks, Dope Magazine, for recognizing quality products when you consume them.