The Art of Bowl Topping

First of all, this is art in its purest form.

Not really

But, smoke a bowl of Golden Goat with some Natural Hash from NectarBee on top of it and you will think the same thing.

Bowl topping goes back. Way BACK. That is how we use to smoke hash – believe it or not. Everyone is doing dabs these days. We forgot about our roots. This isn’t about smoking hash, it’s about ADDING potency to your flower. The high is long-lasting, and it makes your bowl taste much better. Plus, all those terpenes make your taste buds dance. What can you top your bowl with, you ask? Well, ALL NectarBee concentrates can be bowl toppers, but the BEST ones are Natural Hash, Kief, Live Kief, Live Wax and Pure Jellyhash.

There is nothing quite like NectarBee Natural Hash. You can mix it up with your broken up flower but, our advice is to keep it on top. Once your lighter hits the bowl, the hash will start to melt evenly throughout the bowl. The average potency that you are adding to your bowl is about 30-50%. That makes a grand total of about 50-70% if you smoking a bowl of Presidential Kush. Pretty much guaranteed to fall asleep in the movie theater after a bowl like that.

Live Kief and Kief pretty much the same. Kief is all that dust that is on your fingers that is left when you are done breaking up weed. Technically, that is waste if you don’t have a grinder, but NectarBee is here to save the day! Kief is only $9.95 at The Green Solution. What you REALLY need to try is Live Kief. This product is made from freshly harvested raw cannabis, which gives you ta mouth-watering, live taste.  Honestly, you shouldn’t even share. Roast that whole bowl and look for a movie to watch on Netflix.

All the old school smokers are probably asking themselves, “What about a hash patty?” We didn’t forget about you. NectarBee Pure Jellyhash is oil mixed with Kief. It’s like mixing flour with eggs. The Kief gives it a consistency that enables you to make a hash patty to throw on top of your bowl. It will make your bowl long-lasting and it has the same effect as the Natural Hash when you put your lighter to it.

We saved the best for last though. Live Wax is for the true connoisseur. With the highest terpene counts and potency in non-solvent hash, this bowl topper will blow your mind. That is all about getting a great hit of HASH. Nothing else, just hash. Starting with frozen sweet leaf allows for ease of trichome removal from the leaves. produces a higher level of purity in the concentrate by limiting the amount of microscopic plant matter that can pass through our finest micron bubble bags. This is the most expensive variety of concentrate we produce, but we are certain you will agree that the quality, purity, and efficacy are worth every penny.