The Difference Between NectarBee® Edibles and TGS Flower

It’s like night and day

In the past five years since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, there has been controversy around edibles and eating the correct dosage. Soon after horror stories circulated the internet, Colorado then made changes to the compliance laws surrounding marijuana infused products. Since then, the stigma attached to edibles have faded away. Now, tourists and locals are and will continue to be educated about dosing so EVERYONE can enjoy edibles to its fullest. Now we can ask ourselves the question, “What is the difference between eating NectarBee® edibles and smoking TGS flower?”

Well, the main difference is that you can’t eat flower. Why? That is because the THC is not activated in flower. So, when you want to buy a gram of Cindy White from The Green Solution®, please don’t try to eat it. Believe it or not, I have heard someone eating a gram of flower thinking it would have the same effects of an edible and they wanted their money back. Ridiculous, right? When you eat a NectarBee ® Strawberry Shortcake, the hash oil is infused into every detail, but most of all, that hash oil is activated and ready to be consumed. In comparison to flower, once you touch that flame to the trichomes, then you activate the THC and the effects will start to come on. But, how long do you feel the effects and will the effects differ between both?

Well, the correct answer is that the effects will differ from person to person based on their bodies and chemical makeup. But, most of the time, when you eat a NectarBee® edible, you will feel the effects for longer and you will experience more of a full body high. This can also be said about smoking flower, but the effects are short lived and you will consume more to feel the same effects as eating an edible. Safely pairing the two is quite pleasant, but please refer to our Safe Consumption post before diving into that experience. So, edibles may be stronger than flower, but are edibles better for you?

When you consume flower, you are inhaling carcinogens into your lungs. The worst you are doing when you eat an edible is ingesting some sugar. Don’t get me wrong, sugar is bad for you but not as bad as the carcinogens that individuals breathe into their lungs. There are less carcinogens in THC than tobacco, but it is good to give your lungs a break sometimes. Plus, nothing beats a NectarBee® Brookie and there is no coughing afterwards! After my experience in the industry, most people who eat edibles do it because of the sheer fact that they do not want to smoke. I wouldn’t say there is a big demographic of people who eat edibles because they genuinely enjoy the difference in effects on their body or mind. Plus, you will start building a tolerance to both after long periods of time. My recommendation is to switch from edibles to flower and vice versa. It keeps the experience fresh and your body will have a harder time building a tolerance.

Whether it’s to take the edge off after work or ease physical pain, the experience between flower and edibles will ALWAYS vary greatly. I have met people that will honestly tell me that edibles will never get them high, but one hit from a bowl will lay them out. Personally, 10mg of a NectarBee® Gummy will leave me on the couch all night. You must experiment with these products and find your line. And, when I say experiment, I mean experiment conservatively.

Recreate. You have a right to.