The Green Solution: A Family Affair

You know and love The Green Solution, but do you know our history? Westword published an article today about our founders that details how your favorite dispensary got its start.

Our story starts way back in 2010 in Northglenn, Colorado. Our co-founder Kyle Speidell told Westword that he and his twin brother, Eric, “started working with Northglenn, which was one of the more liberal cities in Colorado when it came to cannabis — one of the few at that time that had marijuana laws on their books. We fought hard for a store there, went through a bunch of zoning hearings, and ended up getting awarded one of the two licenses at that time and started our journey. We bought a warehouse downtown; they were cheap then. I think we had only about a hundred lights in that first grow — but we made it work.” That’s how the original TGS came to be at 470 Malley Drive in Northglenn.

But the Speidells aren’t ones to sit on their laurels, and in 2013 they bought two more stores and a grow. Also around that time, the other two Speidell brothers (Nick and Brad) joined the business. “We then purchased a few more stores,” Kyle says, “and eventually got to where we are today, which is 12 stores with roughly five more opening in the next 12 months.”

“We’re kind of the hometown success story. We’ve been able to take something small and make something amazing out of it. And it’s been a blessing to have my family come along on this journey. We’ve had the opportunity to grow together personally and professionally — and I think that comes down to trust. Our vision was aligned very early on, and because we haven’t had shifts in ownership, and there haven’t been shifts in regulation issues or setbacks that other companies have had, we’ve been able to stay true to our vision and mission along the way and haven’t veered from it. I think that’s the reason we’re here today.”

Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with us, and for being a part of the extended TGS family.