The Green Solution® Colfax Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

On Friday, May 5th, The Green Solution® celebrated Cinco de Mayo with the grand opening of its gorgeous new store at 14301 E. Colfax in Aurora, and it was a splendid party.

As soon as I walked into the store, I heard the happy clicking of the wheel of weed fortune as patrons spun for fabulous prizes like TGS socks and sunglasses, or free Colorado style pizza from Beau Jo’s. Everyone’s favorite live action bud, Kushtopher Blazin’, was bopping around the store, being his joyous, green self, and Larry Ulibarri and his crew were set up for their Friday afternoon podcast. So festive!

Moving through the crowd of revelers, I spoke with an enthusiastic patron named Jay. “These display cases are awesome,” he said, gesturing to the Digital Strain Frames that accompany each flower strain. “It’s like shopping at a department store!” But even better, Jay, because department stores don’t offer spectacular TGS cannabis.

At the auspicious moment of 4:20, Larry Ulibarri utilized a huge pair of scissors to ceremoniously cut the green ribbon, making it official: our Colfax store is open for business!

Just after 4:20, a rather miraculous thing happened. A patron, Stephanie Politi, spun the wheel and won a weed leaf piñata and a $100 gift card. It was magical! But here’s the fun part of Stephanie’s story: she was just in town with her husband for the weekend. On Monday, they’re headed back to New Jersey (having spent an absolutely amazing weekend in Denver thanks to TGS). When I asked Stephanie what she and her husband Fabio were doing for the rest of the weekend, she said, “we’re going to some amphitheater…it’s supposed to be really beautiful.” Spoken like a true out-of-towner. “Do you mean Red Rocks?” I asked. “Yes! That’s it!” We hope that they enjoyed their trip, and tell all their friends in New Jersey about TGS.


All things considered, we don’t think there’s a finer dispensary in the land than TGS, and our Colfax store is a perfect example of all the things that make us great – stunning design, spectacular products, and stupendous service.