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Contributed by Jesse Grove of
Ordering Marijuana Online

I’ll be the first one to admit that as soon as purchasing things online started to become the mainstream thing to do, I was hesitant at first. To say that I’m not overly keen about doling out my personal information online is a massive understatement. After all, I’m that guy that doesn’t even have Facebook, so the thought of purchasing things online is extremely alien to me. Regardless of what I think, I’ll shamelessly agree on the fact that there is something extremely liberating about being able to do my holiday season shopping online. I mean, who doesn’t like shopping at home in their pajamas, while perchance partaking in a bowl or two of fresh greens (don’t get too high, you wouldn’t want to end up ordering six tubs of cookie dough while you have the munchies)? Since it is the 21st century and all, and we live in a state that has copious amounts of legal ganja, why can’t I just purchase my marijuana online? While we may still be years away from having our cannabis hand-delivered to us like pizza here in Colorado, the age of ordering online is upon us, and if you find yourself either in a rush or would simply prefer to browse cannabis products online before purchasing, then you ought to take a peek at The Green Solution® and the only E-commerce cannabis website in the entire world (

Picture it now. You are off work at 6:45, and know full well that your local the-green-solution-south-aurora-2Green Solution is going to be closing in only 15 minutes… and it’s ten minutes away. In a panic, you rush out to your car knowing full well that even when you get there you’re not going to have any time to browse products. But then – a revelation! You ordered ahead of time on The Green Solution’s ® website during your lunch break, and you just received the confirmation text on your phone that your order is ready for pick-up. Not only did you get to take the time to decide exactly what type of strain-specific Nectar Bee ™ shatter you wanted, but you can rest assured that it’s already sitting behind the counter at The Green Solution®, paid for and ready for you to walk in, grab, and walk out. It’s a perfect solution (a green one at that) for attaining the cannabis products you want, even when you’re in a crunch for time.

The Green Solution® E-commerce system is not just a wonderful tool for people who are in a time crunch, but an indispensable tool for people who prefer to shop online, or for people who are new to the industry. If you’ve never purchased marijuana before, then The Green Solution’s ® online ordering is the easiest way to get your toes wet. You’ll be presented with one of the largest selections of cannabis and marijuana-infused products in the state online for you to browse and purchase at your leisure. This affords you the opportunity to research the strain and the products that you’re planning to purchase before you even set foot in the store. What makes The Green Solution’s ® E-commerce cannabis site even cooler is the ability to track the stock on your favorite products at the click of a button. It’s all a one-stop online shopping experience.loyalty-card All the products from The Green Solution® and Nectar Bee™ are at your fingertips. By visiting The Green Solution ® website, you can even locate and order your favorite strains by location, along with strain-specific shatter, wax, oil, and pre-rolled joints. After you’ve done your research and placed your order, The Green Solution ® will let you know that your order is ready in the manner of your choosing either via text, email, or by a phone call. This is an indispensable tool for those of us out there that would prefer not be put on the spot trying to decide in store if it’s a marijuana caviar or a marijuana-infused soda kind of evening.

If you find yourself addicted to this revolutionary system to buy marijuana online, there is a way that you can save even more on every purchase you make with The Green Solution®. The Green Solution® Loyalty card is simple to sign up for either online or in a store and, best of all, it’s free! Along with The Green Solution® loyalty card, you can also use express check-out for your next cannabis purchase. After you’ve selected your products online, simply proceed to checkout and pay for your marijuana purchase online using any major credit card. Then you can simply walk in and walk out with your favorite products in-hand paid for in advance. Also, as a member of The Green Solution’s ® loyalty card program, you will always receive 5% back on any purchases that you make at any of The Green Solution ® locations across the state. It’s the perfect way to save some greenhow-to-buy-marijuana-online-1 at the same time you’re picking up some green. You’ll also receive a special bonus after you’ve confirmed your email address, and just for signing up you’ll get $10 off your next order at any Green Solution. As another added incentive, The Green Solution ® will throw you an extra 420 points (that’s $21 off your next purchase!) every year on your birthday. These great discounts can be used for purchasing marijuana online or in store, and along with The Green Solution’s® special deals and promotions, can make for some serious savings for customers.

The idea of purchasing things online has grown on me over the last couple holiday seasons. There is truly something to be said about sitting back and taking your time to look through the options before making a purchase. With The Green Solution’s ® E-Commerce marijuana retail system, I know that the next time I’m either in a hurry, want to browse my options, or need to track down a batch of Presidential Kush, I’ll know exactly where to go. If you’ve always dreamed about purchasing your marijuana online, your dream has come true. Who knows, maybe in a few years The Green Solution® will be delivering right to your door. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

Contributed by Jesse Grove of