The Larry ‘Uli-Berry’ Strain Documentary

Available Exclusively at The Green Solution Dispensaries

The ‘Uli-Berry’ will be Exclusively at The Green Solution on April 17, 2017. Uli-Berry was created especially for Larry, is an Indica dominant strain, that grows more short and bushy, with heavy, thick, resin covered buds. So covered to the point she almost has a tan appearance once finished.

Uli-Berry has one of the most unique smells that I have personally ever smelled in cannabis, providing many hits of chocolate, and coffee and mocha undertones. She is very cerebral, along with providing a very nice almost couch lock body high. Uli-Berry was created by crossing genetics form the blueberry and bubblegum families, resists pest and disease well, and yields in a great range for commercial production.

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