The Misfits

The Misfits will grace the stage at Riot Fest on Sunday, September 4, playing with original members Glenn Danzig on vocals and keyboards and Jerry Only on bass. They will be joined by long-time member Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, who joined the band in 1980, on guitar.

Originally formed in Lodi, New Jersey, in 1977, the Misfits were named by founder Glenn Danzig after Marilyn Monroe’s final film by the same name. The band is well-known for its horror punk rock legacy, inspired by horror film content and imagery. Some band members utilized stage names, including Jerry Only, who chose his name after his real name, Gerald Caiafa, was misspelled in print. Only typifies the Misfits’ horror genre fascination by often appearing in Frankenstein-esque facial paint.

The Misfits had an uneven history with personnel, recordings and releases. The lineup changed many times, and the band was known for its internal legal battles. The band’s first album, Static Age, was recorded in 1978, although it wasn’t released in its entirety until 1997. Walk Among Us was released in 1982. The band recorded in the studio and live several other times.

The Riot Fest performance is historic for the band. The Chicago and Denver Riot Fest appearances are the first time Danzig, Only, and Doyle have performed together as the Misfits in 33 years. Click here for more information about Riot Fest, and check out the Misfits’ site at Be prepared for the fest by stocking up at