The Trifecta of Joint-Smoking Power

This. Is. The future, this is like the apex of the vortex of joint engineering. It’s rumored that M. M. O’Shaughnessy designed the first one – the guy who, uh, designed the Golden Gate Bridge… What you do is you light all three ends at the same time… – and then the smoke converges, creating a TRIFECTA of joint-smoking power. This is it, man. This is what your grandchildren are gonna be smoking.”                      

 – Saul Silver (played by James Franco) in Pineapple Express

If you’ve seen the movie Pineapple Express, you’re familiar with the concept of a Trifecta joint – two joints spliced together to form one big, cross-shaped joint. But did the civil engineer who designed the Golden Gate Bridge invent it, like Saul Silver said? Almost definitely not.

It’s possible that Saul was confusing M.M. O’Shaughnessy with Sir William Brooke O’Shaughnessy, a 19th century Irish physician and scientist who conducted medical cannabis experiments at a Calcutta hospital. The doctor wrote about one patient who suffered from rheumatism who he treated with the herb (which the Indians called ‘gunjah’). “He became talkative and musical, told several stories, and sang songs to a circle of highly delighted auditors, ate the dinner of two persons, sought also for other luxuries I can scarcely venture to allude to, and finally fell soundly asleep, and so continued till the following morning.” He adds that the next day, the patient “begged hard for a repetition of the medicine.”

Even though he’s well known for his contributions to the study of medical cannabis, it seems unlikely that O’Shaugnessy actually invented the Trifecta joint. Nonetheless, his story is a fun one to tell while sharing one with your friends. And don’t worry about having to make the complicated joint on your own. The Green Solution® offers strain-specific, prerolled Trifecta joints, filled with 2.5 grams of fine TGS flower. Check what strains are available and reserve online. You’ll be back home enjoying the “Trifecta of joint-smoking power” before you know it.